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Present themselves to the outside

Advertising on the Internet means be exciting and informative to present to the outside. Without website or an appearance on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, ... you will quickly reach their limits when it comes to advertising on the Internet.

Current projects


The functionality of a website is just as important as a well thought out and easy to understand design that the invites visitors to stay longer on this page. It is often less really is more, because visitors to a website not only noticed by consuming search for what is really offered on this.

Another essential aspect is the user experience on mobile devices. Here, make sure that the entire web page can be operated through simple controls.

Responsive Design

As Responsive Design The name of that design that automatically adjusts the page and its contents to the screen width, will be by whatever device being accessed.

This form of website construction is increasingly in focus because the page is often open only with smartphone and tablet.

responsive design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Numerous factors and optimizations help to place your website on Google far to the top. With such an optimization for search engines, for example, the entire page will be taken on a very good quality content and formatting.

Another important point which helps to be in search results listed near the top, are the so-called backlinks. This is nothing more than a link from another website on their own.

Skulptures & Lighting

Artworks made of wood, metal and stone

Combination wood & metal

A good combination of wood and metal is obtained if the two materials create a harmonious overall picture and are in unison.

For example, often is the surface structure of the wood to the positioning of the metal. These two points can occur at the end of a unique work of art.

  Unique   Harmonic


When creating sculptures arises at the end, after all the parts have been joined together, a totally new and unique character of the object.

By using different materials to reach an exciting effect on the observer. Finally, the form is a crucial point if the artwork exudes appealing characteristics.



Often structures come to even better advantage by emphasizing by targeted insertion of light.

Such a lighting object are even back a very warm and friendly light, thereby creating an environment in which you feel comfortable. LED and energy-saving bulbs will order to keep the energy requirement low exclusively used.



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